Friday, March 25, 2011

Install Malaysia & ASEAN Free Maps (MFM) Map into Garmin nüvi 1350

1) Download latest MFM map from:
Remark: Register for free to enable the thread; 'Free Public Downloads'.

2) Poweroff Garmin. Connect the device to PC via mini-USB cable. The device will initialize into USB mode

3) Install the MFM-Garmin-110321.exe. Select English > OK

Click Next >

Select 'I accept the agreement' > Next >

Use the default for Select Destination Location > Next >

Select Custom Polygons... > Next >

Click Install

Click Yes on 'Do you wish to create a gmapsupp.img?'

Click Generate Map

Click Yes on 'Proceed to generate gmapsupp.img with above options?'

Click Yes.

Select 'map' sub-folder on device in your pc. (Create if the folder not exist)

Click OK

Click Finish.

17) Remove USB connection.

18) Restart the device.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you but how to get the files into the Garmin? I have the 1460 with a microSD card. Which files do I copy there and under what folder name? Can I copy them into the Map folder of the internal memory?